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Design :: Day 014

Photogrammetry in Video Games Originally developed to be used in the geospatial industry to create topographic representations based on the real world, the term goes way back when it was first coined by Prussian architect Albreht Meydenbauer in his 1867 article “Die Photometrographie“. In today’s… Read More »Design :: Day 014

Design :: Day 013

Tea Tray Time Lately, I have began doing kung fu tea ceremonies as a way to wind down in the evenings. While I have tried this practice in one form or another a few times over the years, I suppose the conditions right now are… Read More »Design :: Day 013

Design :: Day 012

Mat Cat Yoga Stack For readers of GIS Tech Adventurer, you might have read that my friend, Steph, had announced the yoga app we worked on together on Day 012 of her attempt on 100 Days of Code. You can read more about our motivations… Read More »Design :: Day 012

Design :: Day 011

Some more thoughts on Cover Riding on the previous post, I felt it would be a nice follow up to talk about some variations on cover in the level that I implemented for Day 009. Also, on a somewhat related note, I’d be returning to… Read More »Design :: Day 011

Design :: Day 010

Some thoughts on Cover Cover is a key ingredient in many shooter games, whether first or third person. As the name suggests, covers serve as a way to provide protection for the player either to hide from the enemies, and in many cases, a safe… Read More »Design :: Day 010

Design :: Day 009

Spaces in Level Design When designing 3D games, a lot of how we look at spaces can trace its roots to architectural concepts. This comes as no surprise as creating a space, whether realistic or a fantasy one, is likely done to invoke certain emotional… Read More »Design :: Day 009

Design :: Day 008

Design is an iterative process There are many instances where I felt a design is lacking in something or I get some vague but valid feedback of a similar nature. It can get a little tricky finding what exactly it is lacking in and how… Read More »Design :: Day 008

Design :: Day 007

Shaken, not stirred One of the more interesting technical challenges I had encountered in a former project was on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade. The game is a DLC (Downloadable Content), which means it’s an additional content for an existing game that… Read More »Design :: Day 007

Design :: Day 006

Digital Twins A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. Though the concept originated earlier (attributed to Michael Grieves, then of the University of Michigan, in 2002) the first practical definition of digital twin originated… Read More »Design :: Day 006

Design :: Day 005

A bit of Housekeeping From Daily UI to Design So this is the fifth day I’m doing the 100 Days of Design Challenge. If you’ve been following my progress, you might have noticed that I changed ‘Daily UI’ to ‘Design’. I feel that this would… Read More »Design :: Day 005